‘Reach out’ and stop bullying

‘Reach out’ announced as theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2022 taking place from 14th to 18th November 2022.

  • The week will begin with Odd Socks Day supported by CBBC and CBeebies star Andy Day and his band Andy and the Odd Socks.
  • Anti-Bullying Week is coordinated in England by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, and is expected to reach over three-quarters of schools, over 7.5 million children and many celebrities and influencers.

Bullying affects millions of young lives and can leave us feeling hopeless. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If we challenge it, we can change it. And it starts by reaching out.

This is one of the reasons, that ‘Reach Out’ has been chosen as the theme of Anti-Bullying Week 2022 taking place from 14 to 18 of November.

Reach Out: Anti-Bullying Week 2022

The theme came about following consultation with teachers and pupils by the Anti-Bullying Alliance which coordinates Anti-Bullying Week every year in England and Wales. Teachers and children wanted a theme that empowered them to do something positive to counter the harm and hurt that bullying causes.

Following the success of the campaign in 2021 – when 80% of schools marked the week, reaching over 7.5 million children and young people – Anti-Bullying Week will remind everyone whether it’s in school, at home, in the community or online, let’s reach out and show each other the support we need.

As usual, schools will be able to download free teaching resources and themed assemblies. These will focus on the activities we can all take, to reach out and stop bullying.

Reach Out: Anti-Bullying Week 2022

Anti-Bullying Alliance patron, CBBC and CBeebies star Andy Day is leading celebrity support for the campaign, with his band Andy and the Odd Socks. The band will record and release a toe-tapping song to mark Odd Socks Day on the first day of Anti-Bullying Week. There’s a serious message behind the fun: let’s pull on odd socks to show we’re ALL unique and different, and let’s be kind to each other and respect each other’s individuality.

Odd Socks Day 2022

For older children, the buzz on social media is an important part of Anti-Bullying Week, and a great opportunity for schools to share how they’ve embraced the anti-bullying message. It’s easy to get involved via #AntiBullyingWeek and #ReachOut on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.

Martha Evans, Director of the Anti-Bullying Alliance said:

Children and young people need to know there is help out there if they are being bullied. It starts by reaching out to someone you trust if you need to talk. Reaching out to someone you know is being bullied. Reaching out to consider a new approach.

And it doesn’t stop with young people. From teachers to parents and influencers to politicians, we all have a responsibility to help each other reach out. Together, let’s be the change we want to see. Reflect on our own behaviour, set positive examples and create kinder communities.

  • For more details about Anti-Bullying Week visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s website.
  • You can keep informed and support Anti-Bullying Week by becoming a member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance.
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About Anti-Bullying Week

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