Our new School and College Membership

We are pleased to announce the launch of our NEW School and College Membership!

This is a membership specially designed for schools and colleges - created with the intention of helping us to better tailor our work to benefit schools and colleges across England and Wales.

[The benefit of being a member] is huge. It means we are able to take part in the meetings, and meet other people and organisations who are working in a similar way. It means that the research ABA does every year informs the topics we choose to focus our work on, and the way that we address those topics.

ABA member

School & College

The training, the resources, and that sense of legitimacy: it’s not just the school doing this, this is ‘good practice’ as confirmed by the anti-bullying alliance.

ABA member (and primary school)

School and College Members will receive the following benefits:

  • Use of the ABA School and College Member logo
  • Receive ABA email newsletters
  • Attend ABA members meetings, training and other events
  • To be listed on the ABA website as a school and college member
  • Priority access to Anti-Bullying Week news and discounts for ABA merchandise and paid for training

The price for this membership is £108 (£90+VAT)

It’s fantastic to have a cohesive alliance of different organisations that are all focussed towards a similar mission, or have a lot of overlap. It means that we can integrate the most recent research and surveys into what we’re doing so that we can constantly improve our practice. I think there is a huge value in that.

ABA member

If you have any questions, or ideas on ways we can make this membership work best for you, please do email us at [email protected].


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