Let’s have the conversation this Safer Internet Day 2024!

This short blog aims to provide information about how you can get ready for Safer Internet Day this year.

As we approach Safer Internet Day (SID) 2024 on Tuesday, February 7th, the Anti-Bullying Alliance is fervently rallying behind this crucial initiative coordinated by the UK Safer Internet Centre. In the digital age, where online interactions are an integral part of children's lives, fostering a safer internet is paramount. We wholeheartedly support SID's mission to create a better, more secure online environment for all.

“Safer Internet Day is a pivotal moment to stress the importance of online safety and unite against online bullying for children in the UK. We advocate for a safe and positive online experience for every child. In 2024, we wholeheartedly support the theme, ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online.’ The Anti-Bullying Alliance collaborated with young people, advising tech companies on addressing online bullying. While progress has been made including with the introduction of the Online Safety Act, there's a collective recognition that more decisive action is needed. We hope to send a message this Safer Internet Day and call for social media and gaming platforms to define acceptable behaviour, respond promptly to bullying, and be transparent about its prevalence. Together, let's create a safer and more conversational online environment for all.”


Martha Evans

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Director of the Anti-Bullying Alliance

The Interconnected Challenges: Online Safety and Bullying

Online safety and bullying are inseparable facets of children's experiences in the digital realm. According to recent UK-based studies, 1/5 children aged 10 to 15 years in England and Wales (19%) experienced at least one type of online bullying behaviour in the year ending March 2020, equivalent to 764,000 children. These findings underscore the urgency of addressing online safety concerns as an integral part of the fight against bullying.

Conversations Matter: Theme of Safer Internet Day 2024

The theme for Safer Internet Day 2024, ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online,' couldn't be more timely. Engaging in open dialogues about online safety is paramount to nurturing a culture of awareness and resilience.

To aid teachers in these conversations, we've crafted a comprehensive toolkit on discussing online bullying, available here.

Free CPD Online Training

Recognising the pivotal role of educators and school staff, we are thrilled to offer a free, Department for Education funded CPD online training course. This training equips school and children’s workforce staff with the skills and confidence needed to prevent and effectively respond to online bullying.

Take part today at www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk/onlinetraining.

Legacy of 'Stop Speak Support Day'

In 2018, our 'Stop Speak Support Day,' endorsed by the Duke of Cambridge, helped us to work with young people to develop a wealth of resources for schools. These resources, including lesson plans and activity ideas, empower children to think critically about their online experiences and guide them on supporting others when faced with online bullying.

Access these valuable tools here.

Bringing Safter Internet Day to Life: A Wealth of Resources

As Safer Internet Day approaches, we invite schools and the children's workforce to explore our rich array of free resources that are available:

Safer Internet Day 2024 website - Resources, Supporter Registration and more!

Safer Internet Day 2024 - Social Media Pack

BBC Own It website

Internet Matters website

NSPCC's online safety page