Award winners for the England Anti-Bullying Week School Staff Award 2022 announced

Each year the Anti-Bullying Alliance coordinates Anti-Bullying Week in schools across England. This is the seventh year we have held an award for school staff who go beyond the call of duty to support children with issues such as bullying, family life, relationships and health. The unique thing about the award is that pupils nominate the member of school staff they think should win the award and the winners are chosen by a panel of young people.

School Staff Award 2022

School Staff Award Banner

All nominees have received received a certificate to surprise the school staff and we've worked with young people to select two winners, one for primary and one for secondary. We're delighted to have had the support of Radnor Fam - who have the leading school drinks brands, Radnor Fizz, Radnor Splash and Radnor Fruits - selected the Anti-Bullying Alliance as its ‘Charity of the year’! Radnor Fam have kindly provided the winners with an incredible prize of a year's supply of Radnor products and an overnight stay at the five-star Celtic Manor Resort set in more than 2000 acres of panoramic parkland at the gateway to Wales.

We were delighted to announce the winners of the Primary and Secondary Award at our Anti-Bullying Week celebration event at the House of Lords on Tuesday 15th November 2022, and the winners are below along with statements from the pupils who nominated them. Congratulations! 

The winners are...

Sarah Holt

"Mrs Holt always listens carefully to us. She helps the whole school to understand bullying and help each other when we feel sad. She always has her door open for us to talk and get help."


Head Teacher

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Panshanger Primary School

Rebekah Spence

"Miss Spence is a teacher that many pupils in our school can talk to if they are worried about bullying or any other problems. She is always kind and helpful and listens to us. When I started in year 7 I talked to her regularly about things I was worrying about, and this has continued throughout my 5 years at Pleckgate. When I did not want to come to school Miss Spence encouraged me and my attendance has improved because of this. She is always available to help me and my friends before school, at break time, lunch time or after school.
Miss Spence has worked at the school for long time and I feel confident speaking to her as I know that she is here for us in the long term. She always takes the time to check on me and other pupils personally, making sure they feel happy and secure in school. She takes time out of her own day to make adjustments in school which keep us learning but without the pressure of exams looming over us. Despite being attached to year 9, she continues to work with pupils across all year groups and departments. We are so grateful to have her at Pleckgate High School!"


Learning and Pastoral Support Officer

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Pleckgate High School

Rebekah Spence with her award

Rebekah Spence with her award and certificate at our Parliamentary Event on Tuesday 15th November

Congratulations to Sarah Holt and Rebekah Spence from everyone at the Anti-Bullying Alliance and Radnor Fam!