Anti-Bullying Week 2023 School Staff Award Winners

For Anti-Bullying Week 2023 we have once again held our School Staff Award, where pupils can nominate teachers and school staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to prevent and respond to bullying and to raise awareness of bullying in school.


Competition this year has been stiff - with over 400 nominations across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It was the unenviable job of our panel of children & young people to decide the winners.

We were so pleased to have the support of Radnor Fam again this year to bring the award to so many and they have provided some wonderful prizes. Every single member of school staff that was nominated received a certificate of nomination. And the winners received a framed certificate, trophy and for schools in England and Wales a lovely trip away. 

School staff were surprised with the Award during Anti-Bullying Week and the two winning staff in England were announced at a Parliamentary Event by the Minister for Children and Families, David Johnston MP. 

So, without any further ado, please see our 2023 winners below!

England Winners:

  • Primary Winner: Laura Taylor, Deputy Headteacher from Park Road Academy Primary School in Manchester. 
  • Secondary Winner: Josh Hampson, Music Teacher from Frome College in Somerset

The pupil who nominated Mrs Taylor said:

“Mrs Taylor deserves this award because everything she does is for the children and keeping them safe. She always shares great things with children to help us understand what bullying is and how we can report and prevent it happening in our school. She is kind and caring and makes everyone smile. She makes everyone feel included and valued.”

The pupil who nominated Mr Hampson said:

“I couldn’t think of anyone who deserves this award more than him for all he has done for me and other students like me, I appreciate him so much because without him i would’ve probably dropped out of school by now, he really does deserve this so so much”

Mrs Taylor with her award at the Parliamentary Event in the House of Lords in Anti-Bullying Week

Mrs Taylor with her award at the Parliamentary Event in the House of Lords in Anti-Bullying Week

Mr Hampson with the pupil who nominated him for the award at the Parliamentary Event in the House of Lords in Anti-Bullying Week

Mr Hampson with a student at the Parliamentary Event in the House of Lords in Anti-Bullying Week

The Minister for Children and Families announcing the winners of the England School Staff Award

Mr Hampson with Kali and Chris from Radnor Fam

Mr Hampson with Kali and Chris from Radnor Fam

Wales Winners:

Primary School winner: Miss Houston, Teacher of St Peter's R.C. Primary School

Secondary School winner: Miss Ali, RVE Teacher of Blackwood Comprehensive 

The pupil who nominated Miss Houston said:

"I have nominated Miss Houston because she takes time for us to understand the lesson and make fun things happen like in emergen days. She uses her own time to do these things for my class and she always listens to people's answers and accepts the answer so she can explain our mistakes. She does fun things like the way she sings a sentence in a song and we have to finish the lyrics. She talks to us about being a good friend and tells us to use kind hands kind feet and kind actions and to include everyone in our games like how i play with a new girl in our class so she can be included in our games. Miss Houston is very helpful when we are stuck in our work we will put our hand up and she will come to us and explain our problem to us."

The pupil who nominated Miss Ali said:

"Miss Ali is kind and caring: She taught us how to react to different types of bullying and listens when someone is talking about something that is going on."

Miss Houston with her award, BulliesOut & the pupil that nominated her.

Miss Houston with her award, BulliesOut & the pupil that nominated her

Miss Houston receiving her award from BulliesOut.

Miss Ali receiving her award from BulliesOut

Northern Ireland Winners:

Primary School winner: Mr Dane McCoy, Vice Principal of Victoria Primary School

Secondary School winner: Miss McErlane, Music Teacher of Our Lady and St Patrick's College in Knock 

The pupil who nominated Mr McCoy said:

"Mr McCoy is in charge of Anti-Bullying in our school. He has written a new school policy and made sure we are aware of who to speak to if we have any problems. He is always available to speak to if we have any worries and he meets our school counsellor every day to chat to her about pupils he is worried about. He has made quiet spaces in school for pupils to go to and he has trained all of our staff in how to stop bullying. He is really kind. I used to be bullied a lot and Mr McCoy helped that stop. He was kind to me but he was kind to the bullies as well, to help them behave better and understand why it is wrong. He is a very smart teacher and good at handling these situations. He helps us understand without ever shouting at them - he is very calm about his solutions and never belittles us. He helped me through a very tough time at home and in school. Overall he is just great at protecting his pupils."

The pupil that nominated Miss McErlane said:

"She runs the anti-bullying mentor programme in the school, which guides older students on how to protect younger students from bullying. Helps run a well-being club at break times for students to attend and unwind or talk about their problems."

NI Winner

Mr McCoy receiving his award


A special thanks to Radnor Fam - who have the leading school drinks brands, Radnor Fizz, Radnor Splash and Radnor Fruits - for supporting Anti-Bullying Week 2023 and providing exclusive prizes for the winners of the School Staff Award across all three nations. 

We are also thrilled to have worked in partnership with BulliesOut again this year to run the award in Wales.