NSPCC report reveals: The most prevalent type of ‘inappropriate’ online content seen by children and young people is bullying

NSPCC’s recently published safeguarding report has shown that bullying is the most prevalent type of ‘inappropriate’ content seen online by both primary and secondary school students.

From a survey of nearly 40,000 students (conducted by NSPCC and London Grid for Learning), the most common type of inappropriate content they reported to have seen online was bullying: 25% of primary students and 33% of secondary students.

Additionally, NSPCC and O2’s 2017/18 “Net Aware” research where over 2,000 11-18 year olds reviewed the most popular sites, apps, and games reported significant amounts of inappropriate content:

  • 18 % of reviews mentioned bullying,
  • 11% of reviews views mentioned content involving suicide and self-harm,
  • 16% of reviews mentioned sexual content, and
  • 16% of reviews mentioned content involving violence or hatred.

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