Anti-Bullying Week 2019 School Staff Award Winners Announced!

Each year the Anti-Bullying Alliance coordinates Anti-Bullying Week in schools across England. This is the third year we have held an award for school staff who go beyond the call of duty to support children with issues such as bullying, family life, relationships and health. The unique thing about the award is that pupils nominate the member of school staff they think should win the award and the winners are chosen by a panel of young people.

We are pleased to announce the winners this year, they are: 

The winners receive a certificate and special prizes, one of which will be presented to them in person at a parliamentary event to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week. Each nominated member of school staff receive a certificate to congratulate them on their nomination. 

The nomination form said of Mrs Vitti

She gives us great advice on how to handle the problem. If she speaks to you about bullying she says it in a kind way.

When someone is bullying the other person she will speak to them both but she won't shout at them she will speak calmly to them and ask them why they did it.

When someone is bullying someone she will take them into a room and speak to them and try and make them friends again.

The nomination form said of Sarah White

Sarah treats us as individuals and helps us to see the effect of our words and actions have on each other helping us to be friends.

Sarah never gets cross or shouts, she understands that our disabilities mean we need extra help to understand our emotions. Sarah is funny and friendly and I don't know how I would cope in school without her help.

Having an adult in school that I trust makes going to school easier for me as I can trust that Sarah doesn't judge and she'll help me with my mental health, she's even phoned me and said she'll come to my house to pick me up when I was struggling to go into school.

Sarah always has a smile or funny story that helps me through my day she does go the extra mile for us all.