Jennifer Moses (NASUWT)

Jennifer Moses

I head up the NASUWT teachers' Union equalities and training team which provides advice and support to teachers on all areas of equalities policies and teacher training. I have over 20 years experience of equalities at national and international levels and this includes anti bullying work. I am honoured to have brought a perspective from the teaching profession to ensuring that children and young people are safe from bullying in school as a member of the ABA Advisory Board. I have specific expertise in addressing sexist, racist, faith-based, homophobic, transphobic and disability related bullying. The NASUWT has supported the work of the ABA since its inception and we have previously co-produced guidance materials for schools. If re-elected I look forward to continuing supporting this vital anti bullying work, particularly given the current education challenges and need to build back focusing on children and young people's safety and wellbeing.