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Full Support For TeachersABA have produced a couple of one-hour staff presentations that can be used in school staff training. Included below are PowerPoint Presentations and accompanying materials. Guidance notes are included in the notes section of the PowerPoint. 

We'd be very interested to know how you have used them and how effective they have been. Please contact Martha Evans at mevans@ncb.org.uk. 

1) Is it bullying? (1 hour training session) 

This sessions discusses: 

    • The definition of bullying  

    • The difference between relational conflict and bullying 

    • Bullying as a group behaviour 

PowerPoint presentation 

Is it bullying activity 


2) Bullying and disability: a social model approach (2 hour training session) 

This sessions discusses: 

    • What does the research tell us about SEN/disability and bullying? 

    • What is the impact on disabled pupils and those with SEN? 

    • The social and medical model of disability 

    • The social model and bullying

PowerPoint presentation 

Social model activity 

Social model vs medical model examples 

10 key principles 

Social model audit 

In addition, disabled children and young people have told the Anti-Bullying Alliance and the Council for Disabled Children that they want to be involved in finding solutions to stop bullying in schools and colleges. We worked with groups of young disabled people in Bristol and Norwich to find out how young people want to be supported to stop instances of bullying. Watch this short film to see the advice they give to teachers


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