Sexual bullying and SEN/D

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 At 13.24.03As part of the All Together programme ABA developed this guide on prevention and response to sexual bullying to assist teachers and other professionals as they seek to educate and support disabled children and those with special educational needs (SEN).

It is written to apply to the school environment but many of the principles are relevant to other settings where adults support children and young people. It draws on evidence from both the research literature and evidence derived from consultation disabled young people and professionals in relation to sexual bullying. It outlines the specific issues that professionals should be aware of in relation to sexual bullying and also suggests actions that staff can take to educate and support disabled children/children with SEN around this sensitive and often neglected issue.

The views of children and young people involved in the consultation, and associated quotations, are used throughout.

We would encourage you to use this to share key messages with other staff members as you develop your own action plan to tackle all forms of bullying behaviour.

You can read the Sexual Bullying and SEN/Disability guide for professionals here.

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