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boy runningThe following organisations are members of the Anti-Bullying Alliance.  While we are not in a position to endorse what they offer - we can say that they have signed up to the values of the Anti-Bullying Alliance. If you are an arts organisation and you are passionate about the issue of bullying and you would like to be included in this listing - join the Anti-Bullying Alliance today.

2 Boards and A Passion

They offer a wide range of theatre productions and workshops for Primary Schools, each with a different anti-bullying focus. “Special” is our brand new production for 2014, focusing on bullying faced by children with special educational needs and / or disabilities. “Sticks & Stones” is an interactive play about verbal bullying for Early Years, KS1 & KS2, which uses a combination of forum theatre, storytelling, puppetry and humour to strike home its serious message, 'Stop and think: words can hurt'. “CLICK!” focuses on cyberbullying and online safety and is aimed at Key Stages 1 & 2. What teachers have said: “wonderful production... entertaining and thought provoking... staff were so impressed with your production and the way it engaged the pupils .”- Mrs N. Squares, King’s School, Macclesfield… “thought-provoking and hugely enjoyable... By far the most powerful anti-bullying production I’ve seen in a primary school.” - Headteacher Mr I. Linsdell, Poplar Street Primary School, Tameside. Our performances are available to book all year round, and we also create bespoke drama workshops on any theme. We can also work with children in Key Stages 2 – 4 to create their own performances based on themes which are particularly relevant to each school. Comments on a recent cyber-bullying project with Year 8: “This went down a storm with teachers and students commenting on how good the content was and how confident the students came across.” For more information, or to book a performance or workshop, please see www.2baap.co.uk, email us at twoboardstheatre@gmail.com or ring us on (0161) 8852075.


Actionwork Worldwide Ltd

Winners of the National Anti Bullying Flame Award. Actionwork is a specialist anti-bullying multimedia creative arts organisation utilising theatre, film, workshops, training and practical resources to help educate and empower people. Actionwork have been in existence for over 25-years and work all over the UK. Actionwork produce many educational programmes including the National Anti-Bullying Roadshow and creative anti-bullying workshops which they tour to schools, colleges, youth centres, work places, prisons, theatres, arts centres, festivals and for a wide selection of community groups across the country and abroad. Actionwork successfully produced the UK’s first national anti-bullying conference for young people. The last Actionwork national anti-bullying conference was a two-day event with over 750 young people attending each day. In addition to the UK, Actionwork has successfully run creative anti-bullying programmes in Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Zambia and Mongolia. In addition to touring shows and workshops, Actionwork produces films with young people, and provides seminars for Anti-Bullying Conferences, training for School Governors, INSET for teachers, support for GCSE students, and creative research for government initiatives. For more details go to the Actionwork Website or contact them by phone on: 01934 815163

Anti-Bullying Workshop

Anti-Bullying Workshop is a theatre in education company with a focus on delivering drama role-play to primary schools.  All their drama role-play facilitators have a background in primary school education and the performing arts.  They have a range of workshops that tackle bullying in a fun and creative way.  

For KS1 they offer an interactive puppet show “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”.  The children have the opportunity to direct the action during the show and then every child in the workshop takes part in drama role-play exercises to re-inforce the friendship message. 

For KS2 they offer a range of workshops to tackle various bullying issues and scenarios.  From verbal bullying to cyberbullying each school can choose one topic or a range to suit different year groups. 

They work with a KS2 class group in each workshop to ensure that every child gets involved in drama role-play. 

All workshops begin with an exploration of the theme.  All children in the workshop then get involved in the drama role-play exercises.  The aim of each workshop is that every child will understand what bullying is and what they should do if they feel that they or their friends are being bullied. 

Each workshop can be adapted to mirror your school’s current behaviour and anti-bullying policy.  All teachers are provided with pre-workshop exercises and follow-up lesson plans. 

For further details or to make a booking please call 0800 160 1991 or visit antibullyingworkshop.co.uk

Loudmouth Education and Training

Established in 1994, Loudmouth have gained a reputation as one of the UK’s premier theatre in education companies. They use drama and discussion to help children and young people address issues affecting them in a safe and interactive environment. Their programmes come in different formats to suit your needs, from focused delivery to a class at a time, to our popular Year in a Day format for off curriculum themed days. Our popular ‘Bully_4_U’ programme is an anti-bullying package containing different versions and scenarios that can be adapted to help your bullying work across key stages. You also get a term’s worth of online lesson plans FREE. These contain ideas for teaching staff to use for prep and follow up work with the students, along with the lesson plans for all of our programmes, there are over 100 of these! Often the lesson plans are used by staff on the day of our visit with each class when not in a Loudmouth workshop. Sessions are available for primary schools as well as for secondary and college aged learners. Loudmouth also provide training for professionals on working with children and young people on this and other issues. Use the following links for further information and film clips:

Bully 4 U information page for primary schools

Click here to watch a short video about our Primary anti bullying programme

Bully 4 U information page for secondary schools and colleges

Click here to watch a short video about our anti bullying programme for secondary schools and colleges


Parlon is a British production company formed in 2007, with bases in London and Paris. Their current project Dear Darwin is a mixed-media play for young people that tackles subjects of bullying, cyberbullying and gang culture. It is about a teenage boy dealing with heartbreak, loneliness and bullying, who is approached by a gang. Initially they seem friendly, but gradually the 'favours' they ask for get more unreasonable. The play is called Dear Darwin as it plays off Charles Darwin's theory of 'Survival of the Fittest', using it as a pretext to investigate the personal evolution of adolescence. The production is a collaborative effort, combining the work of many UK artists to create a mixed-media play (incorporating stop-motion, illustration, animation, silk dance, rap, a pop-up comic, Japanese music, video art and free running) to engage a young audience visually and then maintain that connection on a creative and emotional level. Dear Darwin will be showing during Anti-Bullying Week 2014 in London. Please get in touch if you would like to know more mel.beadel@parlonfilm.com or call 020 7738 1941


StoryMagicis a Theatre-In-Education Company,  run by a professional teacher and actress, that tours Primary Schools in the North with a variety of plays and workshops on an Anti-Bullying Theme.

Oh No It Isn't! Oh Yes It Is! is a play and post-show workshop for Reception to Year 3 Children. We see what goes on inside a Punch and Judy booth when the show has finished. Is Mr Punch the bully he seems to be when he is on stage or is it Judy who is the bully? How do Mr Punch and his friends react? In the interactive post show workshop children have to decide if behaviours are bullying or not, they have to choose between Oh No It Isn't Bullying and Oh Yes It Is Bullying. The children will learn strategies for dealing with bullies and their own feelings, including being strong inside, telling a grown up, and walking away. Feedback from the show includes:

"An Enjoyable and Interactive Production. Clear Messages portrayed, age and stage appropriate for the pupils. Important learning points delivered in a fun way. Bare Trees Primary School Oldham The Play was well delivered, was engaging for our KS1 children and presented important ideas about bullying in an accessible way. Thank You". Wetserton Primary School Leeds

For Years 4,5,6 StoryMagic can deliver a class based workshop facilitating the class to write and perform a rap on an anti-bullying theme. This workshop includes opportunities for children to research, write, evaluate and perform and links to Literacy as well as SEAL and PHSCE. For more details email info@storymagictheatre.co.uk call 01706 810788 or visit www.storymagictheatre.co.uk

Unique Voice

Unique Voice are committed to enhancing young people's emotional and social development through creative workshops. Due to the overwhelming success of last year's tour their Triple R Anti-bullying tour has now been extended to a whole season! (September – December 2013) Performances for KS1, KS2 or KS3 and engaging and energetic workshops which explore the key messages surrounding anti-bullying for each participating class are available to book now. How does Triple R work? Recognise: By helping young people identify the moment where bullying behaviour is demonstrated both within themselves and others. Report: Its not easy to report a bullying situation, we help young people see the impact of talking about bullying and who and when they can do this with. Resolve: A zero tolerance approach to bullying is what we help promote at your school. The Triple R projects aim to encourage positive attitudes, reinforce friendship values and empower young people to take a stand against bullying. Early booking is important - Email theoffice@uniquevoice.org with the key stage you would like us to visit or to find out more visit http://www.uniquevoice.org/watch-our-work-2/

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