Anti-Bullying Alliance publications: 'Focus on...' series

The Anti-Bullying Alliance have developed a range of different publications that focus on different areas of bullying. 

Image Focus On Cyberbullying


Focus on: Cyberbullying (2016) was released in February 2016 to tie in with Safer Internet Day. Written by Neil Tippet from University of Warwick, this publication is released in partnership with Internet Matters



Focus On Bullying And Mental Health


Focus on: Bullying and Mental Health (2015) was released in November 2015 during Anti-Bullying Week, tying in with the week's focus on the impact of bullying on mental health. It was launched at a parliamentary reception with MPs and colleagues from across the Anti-Bullying sector.


Focus On Bullying Image


Focus on: Bullying (2015) This report focuses on research based in the UK since 2010, whilst mentioning major developments internationally.











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