Gender related bullying

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UK based research

  • Girls' Attitudes explored: Role models: Qualitative research inspired by the Girls' Attitudes Survey Girlguiding UK, 2012. This report, prepared from focus group research, presents girls' thoughts on role models in four areas: careers, teenage pressures, self image and sport. Talking about their own lives, teenage girls spoke of the link between appearance and popularity. The way in which girls respond to pressure over their appearance is heavily influenced by parents and friends. Girls talked about the challenges of having red hair or an unusually shaped face, and the support that they get from parents who stress the importance of personality and behaviour over superficial appearance. School also plays a part, with robust anti-bullying policies helping girls at primary school understand and deal with taunts and malicious comments. Several mentioned celebrities who had been bullied at school, and who now take a stance against this in their music and their wider life.

International research

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