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Research produced by ABA members

  • Essex Cybersurvey: young people talk about bullying (2010)

  • The Cybersurvey is an online survey tool developed in 2008 and used every year since then, to explore the views and experiences of young people on cyberbullying and their e-safety education. It is available to local authorities or groups of schools with a full service including a detailed report and dataset. Other reports are available for comparison purposes.
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UK based research

  • Kyriacou, C, Zuin, A, Characterising the cyberbullying of teachers by pupils (2014) 

  • Livingstone, S, What bothers children online? (Feb, 2013)

  • Livingstone, S, Ólafsson, K, O'Neill, B and Donoso, V (2012) Towards a better internet for children findings and recommendations from EU Kids Online to inform the CEO coalition (June 2012). Available here.

  • Livingstone, S (2012) 'Contextualising cyberbullying in relation to other online risks of harm to children'. Keynote lecture presented to the International Conference on Cyberbullying: COST IS0801, Paris, June 2012. Available here.

  • Livingstone, S (2012) 'Understanding the relation between risk and harm: theory, evidence and policy regarding children's internet use|.' Keynote lecture to the 62nd Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Phoenix, May 2012. Available here.

International research

  • Enhancing Child Safety and Online Technologies (2008)

    Report from US internet safety task force. Assesses how technology can improve online safety of children and young people. Includes a literature review and technical report.


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