Little Person 3Our membership is integral to the work of the Alliance. It helps us be united against bullying. 

Our members support the vision of the Anti-Bullying Alliance to stop bullying and create safe environments in which children can live, grow, play and learn.  We are always delighted to receive new applications for membership.

What do our members say? 

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"What's great about being members of ABA is being kept updated with the most important information and contributing to best practice aroud anti-bullying."

Anti-Bullying Workshop

"We're proud to be a member of the ABA. We believe passionately in the work the ABA does."

Internet Matters

"We find it a massive benefit to be ABA members. Because not only does it give us up-to-date information about bullying (which we can include into our workshops and programmes) but it also means that people can hear about us, and in some cases people have booked directly from hearing about us through ABA."

Loudmouth Education and Training


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